How we work

Pebble incubates multiple businesses at this time.


Hifluence is the new kid on the block in consulting and business training. They inspire organisations to put people first.  They help you create a context in which employees themselves can be the change and drive for innovation. 


2Grow has the goal of reducing the 20% of the earth’s surface used for farming. The first step is by bringing the sensors of Phyto-it to market. Later there will also be Ai optimisation and lighting.


Phyto-it is a developer of sensors and software to interpret the data coming out of these sensors. They are developing new iterations of the sensors 2Grow is using and also working on broadening the applications.


Marbles creates and realizes opportunities through online and offline marketing. 

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Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest aims to be part of the solution to feed the mouths of the world and to preserve the planet. Urban Harvest wants to become a global player in the sustainable production of crops on demand, and all of this close to you. The company was founded by two Belgian entrepreneurs, Alexandre Van Deun and Olivier Paulus

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Pebble is an incubator and investor. We create conscious teal organizations. We invest in people, products, companies and ideas with the potential to solve a major global need. We provide an immersive business & life incubation program. Thus, we create an improved and more conscious world in a very organic way.
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